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July 15, 2004


G: La Chiva is digitized and may become a character/vehicle. Glen is also envisioning the map of the "world" and of the "localities" within the game. He has made sketches for three house types that will appear in the countryside. Glen makes Chiva.

L: Pablo is to be the protagonist of a small game. Pablo has been taught to kick a soccer ball. Larry makes Pablo walk.

C: Coffee plant is an important asset with programming attached. The plant will mature and the berries ripen at different rates. Chad also makes the beginning iterations of a digdug homage featuring Juan. He makes Juan climb a ladder, and fall into a pit of his own making. He finds that the "Don't Care" squares need a bit of refinement. Chad makes Coffee plant.

Posted by SWEAT at July 15, 2004 05:30 PM

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