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October 11, 2005


R: Two fragments of Juan & the Beanstalk have been included in an exhibit called Planet Colombia at the Museo de las Americas in Denver, Colorado! The show runs from October 7, 2005 to January 22, 2006.

The fragments, Seeds of Solitude and Fifa! Fo! Fum!, are set in a fictionalized Colombia.

I was given a fifteen second live promo spot on KBNO, the largest Spanish language radio broadcaster in the region.

The opening was tremendously exciting, with 400 people in attendance. The party went on till well past midnight with dancing to Salsa and Merengue.

The show attempts to overturn stereotypes in several ways. First: by exhibiting works that deploy irony and humor to treat life and realities in Colombia. Nadín Ospina's works included in the show make Lego mini-figs representative of the guerrillas and the poppies (poppies!) that inhabit NarColombiaLand. Gabriel Facundo takes amazingly beautiful portraits of street vendor's carts. The images are knowingly removed from their background to rachet up their hyper-reality and to make you look at these rolling retail operations. And SWEAT expresses a wish for a super-heroic Juan Valdez to make use of his super strength and make things better.

Second: The media in which strong art is presented. Ospina works across an array of media, presenting digital prints, works in stone and in ceramic. Anna Hoyos presents traditional painting of remarkable quality. Facundo presents his digitally manipulated photographs. And SWEAT presents the interactive videogame as a medium of expression.

Third: The Museo is itself re-forming itself. It is showing strong contemporary work by Latin-American artists of international caliber. It is adding this to its original identity as a cultural heritage museum with a focus on the past.

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