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January 12, 2006

Rafael speaks today in Barcelona at Game as Critic as Art

Today's program:
Introduction by Laura Baigorri of the University of Barcelona
Gonzalo Frasca of Newsgaming, Powerful Robot, and Water Cooler Games
Anne-Marie Scheiner of OpenSorcery, and Luis Hernandez Galvan of Ungravity
Radwan Kasmiya of Afkar Media
Katherine Neil of Escape From Woomera, and Flavio Escribano of Viral Games
Rafael Fajardo of SWEAT
round table discussion

The presentation went very well, the Mediateca website has been updated with more details. It is in Catalan, Castillian, and English:

Game as Critc as Art at the Mediateca of Caixa Forum curated by Laura Baigorri

We have received some nice press coverage for the event in less than 24 hours from the time we finished speaking. Also, a Spanish network interviewed us for broadcast at a later date, and a print publication in at least one digital arts magazine will follow.


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