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December 14, 2006

Rafael & Miguel speak tonight at Film Night at the Museo de las Americas

R: Miguel Angel Tarango - a member of SWEAT's first generation - and I were asked to speak at the Museo de las Americas' Film Night. Joining us were Gwillem Cano and Daniel Salazar. Gwillem helped us create great energy with his mischievious contrarianism. Miguel showed off his most recent works, Daniel showed some pieces he had worked on with kids, and a crazy submission to the Chicanindie Film Festival he received a couple of years ago. Gwillem showed a version of the nativity story filmed entirely with calabazas! And I talked about digital art and the moving image. YouTube and Small Carrots were on my mind, as well as PixelAche/Pixelazo.

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December 02, 2006

Rafael speaks today at Design Frontier

R: I spoke today at the AIGA education conference called Design Frontier where I was the opening keynote. I was over-the-top nervous. The audience was great, and they laughed at all the right times. The conference was hosted by the Rocky Mountain College for Art & Design and was organized by Fred Murrell, Kathy McCoy, Michael Arnold-Mages, and Lisa Abendroth. They are all my heroes for putting on such a wonderful event.

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