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March 22, 2007

Teddy Cruz and The Architecture of the Borderlands

Teddy Cruz's publication on The Architecture of the Borderlands was important for our preparation of Crosser and La Migra. Our friend Hugh Graham had the good fortune of seeing Cruz lecture at the New Museum in New York recently, and has brought Mr. Cruz back onto our radar. Mr. Cruz spoke on a panel called Location! Location! Location! [mp3] available from the New Museum website under "Hot Button!". The AIA hosts a provocative essay by Cruz entitled Border Postcard: Chronicles from the edge on its website. Architecture Radio hosts both video and audio by Cruz further exploring the edge conditions of the US-Mexico border. In looking closely at these boundaries, Cruz helps us to understand that they are never clean, nor clearly demarcated. They are as much points of contact and interface as they are points of separation. Purists would have them be hygienic barriers, but they are shown to be more like semi-permeable membranes. Cruz helped us to understand that these edge states don't have to rely on geographic proximity for their definition.

Posted by SWEAT at March 22, 2007 01:24 PM