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July 05, 2007

King of the Hill

Mark Francis located today's entry for me, which is cool in its ironic weirdness:

‘"Grand Theft Arlen” written by Sanjay Shah"
Episode KH-1108
Original Airdate: 4/29/07

Hank is horrified that Bobby is playing video games in P.E. instead of training for the Presidential Fitness Test. When Hank confronts Principal Moss, he meets the hipster gamers who have set up the alternative P.E. to test out their new games. Intrigued by Hank and his propane world, the gamers bother him with endless questions. When Hank discovers these guys have turned his life into a video game very similar to Grand Theft Auto but revolving around propane, he is furious. Unfortunately for Hank, Strickland wants him to play the game to get information so he can sue for video game royalties. As Hank becomes more involved with the game, he pays less attention to Bobby and helping him train for the fitness test. Peggy discovers Hank’s addiction to the game and when she is unsuccessful at having him quit cold turkey, she goes to the gamers for help. The gamers give Peggy the secret codes to being indestructible and end the game. Bobby doesn’t pass his fitness test but Hank is happy he did so much better than the other video game kids.’

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