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September 25, 2007

SWEAT at DiGRA thursday

R: I will be making a brief presentation of some of our work as well as the collaborations for the P4 Games project on thursday at DiGRA's annual conference. This year its in Tokyo which is a little like coming to the mother ship. The conference is hosted by the University of Tokyo. It's a strange experience, with language barriers preventing a deep co-mingling of populations. It's still a very Euro experience.

Thursday is "Serious Games Day" here. I've already seen a tool that I'd like to use for analysis of AV data in humanistic research called MAP. It was introduced by Nick Taylor of the University of York in Canada. Also Jose Zagal of Georgia Tech has created a custom blogging application to facilitate reflective play in a Game Studies context. It's available at www.gamelog.cl

Tracy Fullerton and Celia Pearce lobbed some stones at the monolithic game industry, and pitched some at Game Studies. They are critiquing the hegemonic behavior of both industry and academia that reinforces exclusion by gender, and by expertise, as well as by content.

I've blogged more deeply at P4 Games.

Posted by SWEAT at September 25, 2007 08:17 PM