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April 05, 2008

Hugh Dubberly Massages Digital Media

Insightful and persistent production of salient concept maps. Brings intelligence and reason to a practice that is often self-indulgent and unreasonable.

Talk tilted:
Three new waves of change and what they might mean.

worried that design might be stuck. The world around us is changing. These changes are large. Rates of change are double exponential.

thre trend, senors are proliferating, video is converging, mobile devices are opening up.

Wii mote is a touchstone of the inflection point.

shows "World of WiiCraft" video. Will need DarWiin Remote patch. Don't need the Wii, just the sensor bar ($10.) and the Wii-mote ($40.00).

Intel put individual sensors on individual vines in a west-coast vineyard to make a very detailed map of the heat & humidity in order to optimize for micro-harvesting and increased quality.

Don Carr's sonic snowboard. snowboard as musical instrument.

google my lost keys. (sharing spime scenario)

Johnny Lee from CMU and his internet fame from his demos on Wii-mote head tracking

Emotive Inc. Software that recognizes brainwave patterns and matches them to commands. Not magic, you have to train the system. (my EEG hairnet)

Mobile Devices are opening up.
Apple is looking at the entire community of systems that surround the mobile tech.

Spook Country geo-locative tagging scenarios

augmented reality displays

Video is converging with other media (finally)

Seadragon by Microsoft (BladeRunner scenario)

Plastic Logic Inc with flexible screens.

Screens become architecture

a new video web will emerge

assumptions to challenge:
sensemaking and storytelling don't change
managing complexity is a new problem
designing is the exclusive province of designers

systems theory provides a body of knowledge designers should use

design thinking is opening the door to business, but traffic can pass both ways

design is a part of all professions

the arrival of design courses in business schools should be cause for celebration and reflection.

look up Austin Henderson, Liz Saunders (Sanders?)

We need to think about tools for making tools.

We need fundamental change in the way we practice and think about and teach design. There may be a schism between those who believe is about giving form and those who look at and think about designers of systems.

We don't have a mechanism for improving design. This is a goal of research. There is no feedback loop.

The research imperative is too tied to specific personalities and has not yet taken on a life of its own.

Hugh looks forward to working with all of us on changing that situation.

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