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December 20, 2008

Gear List for Sabbatical Journey

Here is a partial list of gear for the sabbatical journey. It will have to serve the needs of myself and my two research associates (my two sons have begun to collaborate on projects, and I will add their names to the list of SWEAT collaborators soon). My wife will also have some gear needs.

This will help me remember what to pack on the way home. Paper should be available. I used school notebooks from central and south america with gridded pages before I found the Moleskine. I'll need to remember to bring home sketches and drawings, so I will likely need to pick up a modest, packable portfolio on our return. I haven't weighed the hardware, but we will hand carry the cameras and the laptops, and carry-ons aren't weighed. The traditional analog art supplies will fit fine in the luggage. I've put the assorted cables and power-bricks in individual sandwich bags so that if TSA feels the need to rummage then - hopefully - it won't be too much of a mess. I'm tempted to hand-carry the hard-drives too, but I don't know if this can guarantee less jostling.

Posted by SWEAT at December 20, 2008 06:00 PM