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March 09, 2009

Sabbatical project: Critical Toys - progress report

R: I have been collecting images of interesting work. This visual diary is being collected at http://www.imgfave.com/rafaelfajardo and have added a sidebar to SWEATblog so that they can be sampled here as well.

We have been in country two months now...

thinking alot about teak and mangos. haven't found any guayaba (guava) trees. there is an introduced species called colloquially "guayaba china" that seems to be the only one produced for retail. it's not so sweet as so-called "guayaba de arbol" and never achieves the impossible to describe aroma and color.

also sketching out papercraft toys for Juan and the Beanstalk. found much inspiration online and am adapting the template from http:/www.CubeeCraft.com/, hoping the curator will accept the submission(s) when published. uploading sketches to http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweat/

there's a whole lot of sawmills for teak around here. teak is an introduced species that causes alot of controversy. melina is another introduced species that is used in the production of paper. the controversy stems from greenwashing. introduced species that are plantation grown count as reforestation even though they are a mono-culture that provides no habitat for the native fauna, and don't contribute ecosystems here. the introduced species are ecological dark matter in the ecological fabric.

Looking at next gen paper, all spimey! http://is.gd/57Pb makers and thinkers gathered for "paper camp" an offshoot of "book camp" that are imagining the future of paper and of books respectively.

saw report of the world's smallest fuel cell. could be used to draw vapor from air to power simple electronics. thin as two sheets of paper. envision smallest fuel cell attached to cardboard papercraft bots imprinted with efflourescing conductive inks. squeeeeeeee!

irony of looking at DIY papercraft is that we did't bring a printer, and there aren't any "business centers" nearby.

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