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March 25, 2009

Toy Bibliography from Francisco Ortega

Friend and collaborator Francisco Ortega has sent me his bibliography on toys and toy culture to help with the Critical Toys research. I will have to wait to read these until I get back to the US from our remote base. We have only seen one book store within a one-hour driving radius, and it is minimally stocked. Delivery of any online purchases poses its own set of challenges.

Plastic Culture: How Japanese Toys Conquered the World (Hardcover)
by Woodrow Phoenix (Author)

Dot Dot Dash: Designer Toys, Action Figures And Character Art (Hardcover)

A Theory of Narrative (Paperback)
by Rick Altman (Author)

The Game Inventor's Guidebook: How to Invent and Sell Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, & Everything in Between!
by Brian Tinsman (Author)

Wham-O Super-Book: Celebrating 60 Years Inside the Fun Factory
by Tim Walsh (Author)

Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices (VOICES)
by Dan Saffer (Author)

The Real Toy Story: Inside the Ruthless Battle for America's Youngest Consumers (Hardcover)
by Eric Clark (Author)

The Man Who Changed How Boys and Toys Were Made: The Life and Times of A. C. Gilbert, the Man Who Saved Christmas (Paperback)
by Bruce Watson (Author)

Toy Wars: The Epic Struggle Between G.I. Joe, Barbie, and the Companies That Make Them(Paperback)
by G. Wayne Miller (Author)

Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys (Hardcover)
by Ivan Vartanian (Author)

Posted by Rafael Fajardo at March 25, 2009 08:30 AM