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April 08, 2009

Passage Feelings

I played Passage by Jason Rohrer, and here are my thoughts. The game was nice, but what I really came to blog for was when the wife died. At that time I felt a "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" More of a "NO!" than getting a game over on the final level and having to do it all over in Super Mario Bros. After that I felt a bit of me dead inside, and if I kept playing it over and over, I would feel completely dead inside. But this was nothing compared to Minda, from Zelda Twilight Princess, almost dying. Before I thought Minda was a bossy, mean jerk, and after I had complete respect for her. Tune in next week when I give my feelings on Ico, and its watermelon ending.
warning: I may not write my next entry next week, so keep your eye out... or peeled, like a banana.

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April 07, 2009


Costa Rican Dogs from Esteban Fajardo on Vimeo.

2 in one day! Whoo hoo! Now I can do homework in peace.

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It's not that hard guys.

estEbAn from Esteban Fajardo on Vimeo.

So this is a bunch of my classmates (and my bus-driver) pronouncing my name in the correct and indigenous manner. And for the record, Cholez Rodrigez is not, nor shall it ever be, my name. And because Esteban=Tacos for some reason, there is always going to be someone screaming Taco Bell around me. I hope that helps you guys out.

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April 05, 2009

More Videos...

...are coming. But first the family is off to San Jose, and the internet here hasn't been too favorable. More will be uploaded once I get the chance.

Also coming soon are longer posts. This small a size is inacceptable.

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April Fools!

I am sorry to inform you that vacanationination.com/blog/3.14.html is a joke... yes, I feel like the inside of me is dead too.... I am truly sorry world, I will never deceive you like that again, (tears falling) WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!


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April 02, 2009

Half Way Through

Presidents' Day from Esteban Fajardo on Vimeo.

It has been three months since we've arrived in Costa Rica, and exactly three months to go. To celebrate I thought I'd finally post a video. It's rather old, but really displays the beauty of the country. More videos coming soon.

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April 01, 2009

New 'Site

I have decided to launch my own website and leave this one behind. This will have photos of all my creations, of all sorts, and catchy music. The style in which this will be done will be simpler to post items, and update your file. A chat room will be added and there will be no less than 3 moving object at one time. Even the loading bar will be cool! I plan to launch this website on June 31, 2009. The website's address will be www.vacanationination.com/blog/3.14.html, and I will be known as The Sensei-San! I hope you make the right decision and switch to my Website.

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April Fools!

For every one looking for the videos I promised to have up today, well April Fool! They aren't up. The new deadline is tomorrow.

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