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October 24, 2009

John Sharp spoke at Colorado Game Developers Association

John Sharp, game designer and educator at SCAD, spoke last night to the Colorado Game Developers Association on the subject of Art History for Game Developers. John is developing an argument in support of the Ludic Age proposition — which has been brought forward by Sutton-Smith and Zimmerman.

Sharp contends that if we are indeed in a Ludic Age, then identification with Art (capital "A" intended) is misguided. Art is to be considered the high-water mark (High Culture with capital "C") of the Visual Age, which the Ludic Age has/would/will replace. In supplanting the prior age we should have newer language to describe appropriate high-water marks for the new age. "Game," should be that mark argues Sharp.

This is a preview of his talk for GDC 2010, and I recommend attending to find out how the argument unfolds.

Posted by Rafael Fajardo at October 24, 2009 10:55 AM