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November 19, 2009


... or just CTF. It stands for Capture the Flag (or in the full version case, Creek Capture The Flag Club For The Win) and is the name of a club I have just helped co-found. We had our first meeting last night and it was met with great success, a bit less than 40 people showed up despite their tight scheduals and the snow and mud. I apologize for the lack of video, I forgot to bring a camera. But I can assure you that people were running about and some jumping down ten foot drops and over fences. The group was devoted and not once did I see a single person unhappy (well, there was someone who was a bit sad because he had to leave early, but we won't count that :P).

Our original intent was to have flexible unwriten rules that could be changed before each match ensuring the rules were fit with the current situation (weather limitations, amount of people playing, ect.) however we saw that it was critical to have concrete rules, especially since the campus (we played on the ENTIRE school grounds) is so huge and communication was limited because of that. Our original intent was to make this as much like a 3rd grade gathering as we could, harkening to my childhood when the neighborhood would play every day almost. It seems, though, that all our teachers were wrong and we are not "just like 3nd graders".

I hope to put up video of our next meeting (this coming Monday) and continue commentary on everything I'm learning and possibly how it could pertain to other things.

Posted by Esteban Fajardo at 04:13 PM