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August 25, 2010

futbol for majority world by minority world

Soccer season is about to begin for my U14 boys team. We play in the recreational division, and I have been working with the same group of boys since they formed as a U06 (six years old and under) team. Nike has been distributing high production value training tips on YouTube and now on its iPad App. It will be hard to resist sharing them with my team. Many of the members are trying to participate in two fall sports simultaneously, both american and world football.

As I have been gathering other resources to prepare for this season, I've found pointers to projects that are trying to share access to futbol — and to the ball in particular — with those who may not have the means. I neglect to point to the photography project that documents home-made balls in Africa, and the project that documents exuberantly created pitches with arial photos. These can be found with very little effort.

I'll leave a comparison also to the debate on Design Observer about "design imperialism":

Posted by Rafael Fajardo at August 25, 2010 08:28 AM