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August 18, 2006

Ludoztli is Games as Art

R: Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo, SWEAT first-generation collaborator, has launched a curatorial project at Ludoztli!

From his website:

This movement that I have called ludoztli (making games) exhorts the artist to stop making non interactive art, and break the wall between the art object and the passive viewer.

In this movement, games cease to be a purely recreational object and become active art. Anyone that wants to express an opinion, a social statement or to declare an injustice can approach it this way. I expect that the game-art, the ludoztli product, will place the viewer in the eye of the hurricane, transforming him/her from a simple viewer into an active participant, into a social-aware gamer. With ludoztli I intent to promote interaction: action and reaction. Board games will lead the way!

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