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May 22, 2007

LG Philips announces color e-paper

Philips announces the basic technology needed to make electronic paper (e-paper) in color. The basic technology for a black and white version has existed for more than ten years, and has recently been licensed by Sony in its e-reader. That version was created by E-ink. We are getting a step closer to Prospero's Books and the books of the D'ni from Myst!

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Buenaventura - A good adventure?

R: I'm trying to put some thoughts together that make my head hurt and my heart ache. Today's New York Times online has a feature on Buenaventura, Colombia, a Pacific coast port city. The story is about the high level of violence that exists there. It includes a slide show of Colombian military personnel in full combat gear in "ready" poses among the poorest urban dwellers of that region. My first instinct was to be frightened, and I'm sure that was part of the intent of the photo editor.

Others have have already commented on the political rhetorics of photo editing, and layout in the print-based version of the Times [see, for example, Richard Bolton, ed, A Contest of Meaning. After the jump is a set of deep links to the images, including some that were not included in the published photo essay, in numerical order by image title. The images in the photo essay were also presented in a different ordering than that implied by the image titles. NYTimes online requires free registration to see some archived articles.

NYTimesOnline, original article from 2007.05.22

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May 01, 2007

Francisco Ortega gets to the next level!

SWEAT collaborator Francisco Ortega has accepted a full time teaching position at Texas Tech University! He continues to investigate board games as well as videogames.

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