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April 06, 2008

CMU online video flirting project

Seven week project,
looking to create a product prototype that occupies a casual, centralized model.
looking at online initiation/introduction, online flirting, resulting in physical relationship.
online quick video Q&A that has a game-like feedback and quick turn.

"Flirtastic" was born.

how to assess the design? tried to attack with traditional HCI, but:
impossible to describe rich interaction with paper prototypes
impossible to...
impossible to...

flex made sense to develop prototype

created a bootleg workflow all Adobe branded.

created story video to prototype the service.

there is a live prototype created in Flex.

Lee Byron's website: http://leebyron.com/what/flirtastic/

team member, Paul Robare's website: http://www.paulrobare.com/Flirtastic.html

team member Chris Michaelides website: http://chrismichaelides.com/projects/Flirtastic/Flirtastic.html

Posted by SWEAT at April 6, 2008 09:33 AM